Solid IT solutions for law firms

Data Sensei understands that law firms like yours deal with confidential and sensitive data on a daily basis. You need advanced network protection so that your clients’ data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. You need proactive monitoring and maintenance so you can focus on running your legal practice. That’s exactly where we can help.

Your law firm’s challenges

  • Increased competition
  • Remote workers
  • Data security
  • Pressure to reduce costs

Data Sensei offers the following services to your law firm:

  • Time stamping - ensure that crucial legal evidence isn’t compromised
  • Data backup - rest easy knowing your data is well-protected
  • Network security - we prevent malicious threats from entering your systems
  • Litigation database - secure customers’ personal data, documents, and legal files
  • Billing and accounting - keep track of your financial data with our software
  • E-discovery - compile, store, and secure your litigation data

Data Sensei provides a comprehensive range of technology solutions to assist with your litigation needs, so you and your staff can focus on defending your clients, not dealing with complex technology issues.