The other cost of ransomware: downtime


Millions of dollars down the drain, immense reputational damage -- your worst nightmare, right? Having witnessed how data breaches have ravaged the cyber-security industry, we’re convinced that continuity planning is more important than ever.

That’s not to say preventing ransomware isn’t important, we cover that at length in our eBook as well. However, everyone here at Data Sensei believes that with the right continuity planning, ransomware is almost totally harmless.


Our seven-chapter eBook walks you through understanding, preventing, and containing ransomware so you’re never subjected to the data loss, downtime, or blackmail that comes with it. If you’ve never considered how continuity planning could almost totally eliminate the threat of ransomware, read on, because this eBook covers:

  • How to begin formulating an “e-crisis” response plan
  • Why exhaustive access permissions are so crucial to averting this awful malware
  • How to combine file sharing and data backup into a single service
  • What you need to do the moment you notice an infected machine on your network